After, Against, Among (MFA Thesis Exhibition)


After, Against, Among engages with the experiences, histories, and narratives of wild and constructed spaces. Large-scale paintings begun on location reference indexical elements of the natural world and the armature of an image on the picture plane. Worn, weathered, drawn, and painted, the canvas bears elemental traces while also insisting on a constructed image as a point of access. The subject and material allude to processes of growth and decay, as well as to the instability of the individual’s positioning within these animate systems. Negative space left from a quarry drill vertically interrupts the horizontality of rocky strata, impressing human history into the image. Sometimes, a crack in the earth comes into sharp focus; but in the snow, elements coalesce, as if made from the same matter. The serial prepositions in the show’s title suggest the act of location in relation to other elements in space and time, as well as the ways in which the construction and learning of language connects to the representation of visual experience.

April 4-7, 2018, Temple Contemporary, Tyler School of Art, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA